Not the Average Jeep Club


Why Mud Puppy Jeepers?
We're more than your typical jeep club.  We strive to be a family oriented organization that offers a little bit of everything.  Whether your an avid Jeeper with a highly modified trail rig, or a new Jeep owner with a totally stock Jeep, our activities are designed so everyone can participate.  Our goal is to come together for the common cause of maximizing the Jeep experience.  From meet & greets and Jeep shows to trail rides and wheeling events, you have the opportunity to make what you want of MPJ.

 What does it take to join Mud Puppy Jeepers?

​Joining MPJ is simple.  Simply request to join our group pages and that's it!  It's 100% free and open to all past, present, and future Jeep owners.

Can anyone or any make/model attend a Mud Puppy Jeepers event?

MPJ hosts different types of events throughout the year.  Some of our big events are open to the public and to any off-road capable vehicle.  Other events are for MPJ members only, these events are setup based on the capabilities of the Jeep lineup, and are therefore limited to club members who currently own Jeeps.   If at all in doubt, just ask.

I got "tagged" what do I do now?
"Tagging" Jeeps is our way of spreading the group by word of mouth.  Tag cards are available to current members for the instance when you're out and about the town and see another Jeep that catches your attention.  If you've been tagged, it simply means that a current MPJ member saw your ride and like it, and wants you to check out our group.  Visit our group pages and see what we're all about.

What's a "Jeeple"?
According to Urban Dictionary .com, a "Jeeple" is a combination of Jeep + People.  "Jeeple describes the comradery and cult-like mentality of Jeep owners, most commonly seen with owners of extensively modified Jeeps, but affects all Jeep lovers alike.  Jeeples have coined the terms such as 'It's a Jeep thing' and actions such as the 'Jeep Wave'."  If you're reading this, chances are you're a JEEPLE!

Jeep Wave??
The Jeep Wave phenomenon is an honor and responsibility bestowed upon those drivers with the superior intelligence, taste, class, and discomfort tolerance to own the ultimate vehicle - the Jeep.  This responsibility, while not taken lightly by most Jeeples, is very simple: WAVE AT EACH & EVERY JEEP YOU PASS.  Day or night, as long as your own your Jeep. . . just wave.  For more information watch the video below.